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Why do I get c’s all the times? Do I have a learning disability?

No matter how hard I tried, it seems like I always get C’s!
I just had a calculus test, and I studied and did all the sample finals given to us, I understood them, but the test was HARD!!!, the questions were really difficult… the samples were much easier than my exam.. It’s not fair.. I had no problems with the samples.. but then with the finals, the examples taken were so complex.. which brought to my attention wondering if I have a learning disability? and this paranoia.. has led me to be more nervous during test…

My current GPA is 2.2 … I already have 4 C’s and Im planning to go into Biology.. what can I do
to reach to a 3.0 GPA!! Please help

Also, because our university didn’t have any room left and our system suck. .. I had to share a desk with another didn’t stress me, but I wasn’t very comfortable.. I had to erase really gently because the table was so weak, it trembled.. and I didn’t want to disturb the person sat next to me..

Do you think I should make a complaint about this? Its really not fair, the room next to us (math class aswell) had separate desks, and we didn’t…

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