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We are bringing home our little girl, I need your help!?

Well first off, I am trying to go very fast with asking this question, because we do not have much time to just sit around. So Here is a run down of what I am talking about:
We got a call 5 nights ago, asking if we were willing to foster a 8 yr. old girl. We were shocked when they told us her situation + heartbroken. She has been in and out of the foster care system 7 times since she was 3. She was taken away from her mom, when CPS found out that she was being abused by her mother. Since than she has been in 7 different homes, with only 1 to last more than 1 year. They called us, not just because we were interested in fostering, but that we also have adopted. They told us that there is no pressure on us, that if we can’t take care of her that they will find a good home for her. But I don’t know if this little girl can take any more moving around from house to house. Another big thing is that we already have 7 kids, 12, 8, 8, 5, 4, 3, & 4 mon. 2 of which we have adopted. I have 1 step-son, and my husband has 2 step-kids in our family. So yes, we are a blended family?
So, we decided 2 days ago, that we take on this responsiblity to make sure this little girl is in a loving stable home! But now comes the hard part. She’s coming on Monday! Which is very exciting, but we are very nervous. We met her on Thursday, and she was very quiet. She said maybe 4 words at the most. I mean, I can understand completely that she has been through a lot, and I didn’t expect her to say much. I jost hope she will fit in with the family! So to my question, what are some ideas to get her involved with the family.

And I do know that we will have to give her time to her self, to adjust & have time for herself to bring it all in. Going into such a big family might frighten her, but I’m praying to God that she will adjust as fast as possible and that she will be comfortable…..Prayers are welcome!

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