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Science test help!!!?

I am having a HUUGE and really important science test in two days… :(
I think I am really prepared but there is just one problem……
I know there will be a question like this: What is any MAJOR systems of the human body and what systems are attached to it…….So ya that is the question i know it seems pretty easy…well duuuhh the Nervous System is attached to the Muscular system but you also have to say which body part,organ or muscle it meets on!!
Thank-You For Your Cooporation!!!!!!

Question for vegetarians?

Okay, this is prolly more than one question in one posting (please don’t report me Miss Edna).

1. If we give up meat and dairy, what are some of the best sources of calcium? My husband hates soy milk, but my girls and I love it so it’s him I’m comncerned about. Also, he is allergic to peanuts and other nuts. Is it all right to give a 13 month-old soy milk?

2. Can we eat fish several nights a week and still be considered veggies? I heard that many veggies eat fish and consider it all right because fish have less coplex nervous systems.

Okay, I htink that’s it. Thank you!
I remember what else I wanted to ask – where did human’s get their calcium from before we turned to the milk of other species?

I’m nervous to start high school . . . any advice?

I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The schooling system here is elementary school (preschool to grade six) and then high school (grade seven to grade eleven), and then college (cegep) and university, of course.

So I’m starting seventh grade (which is the start of high school, here) and I’m excited, but I’m also really nervous. I do know people (about 90% of my grade is going there, plus people I know from other places), but I’ve never done anything like high school before (like, you know, switching classes, running back and forth to your locker/to your class, etc).

I’m scared that I’ll get lost on my way to class and get in trouble. Or maybe I’ll forget to do my homework, or I won’t remember when/where each class is.

Can anybody help me? Like, give me advice/tips?

P.S. ** This question is directed mostly to people in Montreal or places that have the same schooling system. Oh, and by the way, I’m going to LaurenHill Academy, which has a schedule of four seventy-five minute classes a day, plus homeroom in the morning and lunch at around noon, I think. **

Help with earthworms (aka Phylum Annelida)?!!!?

okay so i have this stupid biology 11 lab about earthworms and i cant seem to find the answers to certain questions. and i dont know alot of people in my class so i cant ask for help
here are the questions i cant solve: (even if you only know one, thats better than nothing)

2. Why is it importnat for the skin of the earthworm to remain moist at all times?
4. Describe the LOCATION and POSITION of the setae. How do they aid in locomotion?
6. What did you find inside the crop, gizzard and intestines?
7. Describe the function and direction of blood flow of the following structures: aortic arches, ventral vessel, dorsal vessel. How are the dorsal and ventral blood vessels connected elsewhere besides the aortic arches?
10. Describe the major parts of a nephridium and how it works. (i know how it works, i just dont know the major parts)
11. Describe the structures and functions of the earthworm’s two nervous systems.

ANY help with any of those questions would be VERY helpful

help ! who knows all the systems in the human body?

ok.. so i need to write down one of the functions of each system in the human body and compare the function to something in real life.

so i already have all the functions. i just need help with the comparing part!
so here r the functions of each system if u know anything that is like it plz answer. thanx (there is a example question if u don’t understand)

SYSTEM : circulatory system….
FUNCTION : pumps blood to different parts of the body.removes waste.
CAPMARED TO REAL LIFE: it is like a post delevers goods and letters to diffferent places and its like a garbage ruck picks up waste and takes it away to get rid of it..

so yea…
if u understand then can u plz help…

here r the rest.
SYSTEM:respiratory system.
FUNCTION:transports outside air to the blood , transports carbon dioxide from the blood to the outside air.

SYSTEM: digestive system.
FUNCTION: break down food peices into much smaller peices (particles) so they can be absorbed and transported throughout the body

SYSTEM:mascular system
FUNCTION:move bones, move organs that contain muscle tissue (such as the heart and stomach)

SYSTEM:skeletal system.
FUNCTION:prvide a movable support frame for the body, protect soft tissue organs such as the heart and lungs.

SYSTEM: nervous system
FUNCTION: cordinate and control the actions of all organs and organ system. detect, process, and respond to changes in external and internal environment..

SYSTEM: integumary system
FUNCTION: prtect the bodies interior from external, sense pain, pressure and tepmurature

lol..thats it..plz plz plz of u know ANY.. plzzz answer..i rlly need help..and i know its a lot.. but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help!
thank you so so sooo much if u do.

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