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How many protests have you heard of about animal rights activists protesting how lobsters are cooked alive?

When pest control companies use chemicals that attack the nervous system ( trust me I don’t want the pests ) do the animal rights people protest shows like the Verminaters or do they only protest the “cute” animals? On the show Fear Factor contestants were expected to eat live insects ( or animal organs) as part of their challenge. I guess my question is do some animals have more rights than others?
My point is that both the baby seal and the lobster suffer and yet that seemstobe .I just think that the protesters focus on the group baby seals because of their visual appeal.Do you think these same protesters would be lining up for the adult seal if it were being clubbed to death .To me it appears that they are very selective in their “captured on film ” protests. Some people claim that the lobster can’t feel anything, is that fact or something people say to ease their conscience.I am not a vegetarian so I can’t claim an animal has never suffered for me to have a meal.I can’t dictate wha another person can eat. I don’t have all the answers I was just curious as to why the protesters have not mounted campaigns against killing of creatures who aren’t as visually appealing.

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