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How do we know that the good foods that we are eating is really good for us?

I was curious and did some research. For example zinc and copper. You can’t have too much zinc because it will cause copper deficiency. And than you are trying to figure out what foods with good amounts of copper should I take to balance it with the zinc? Than you read what could happen if you don’t have enough and than you read if you have TOO much. And both ways are really scary. Like for copper deficiency it can affect you nervous system. Could take months to fix I believe. Than too much can give other major problems like mental problems, or I heard even a coma or death. Than let’s say a normal person eats regular food, we don’t know EVERYTHING about our diet. We assume certain foods are good for us, and we stay away from the bad foods like fast food, fries, cake, etc…But what if the good foods we are eating are also bad for us? Let’s say you love humus, humus has some copper in it, but I think if you eat too much everyday, won’t you get copper poisoning? And you can get copper from liver, oysters, chocolate, nuts, sunflower seeds, and other foods I’m sure people really enjoy. And not just copper or zinc, but other minerals or nutrients. So if we have a favorite food and we eat too much of it, or we don’t know what’s inside certain foods. Is it safe? I mean I eat a lot of chocolate, and my parents eat lots of nuts, and when I was little a lot of sunflower seeds. I know its always in moderation, but we can’t know everything about the food we eat. Not every1 is a dietitian and know everything about how minerals, vitamins and the body works. I don’t even know if my question makes sense. But how do we know if the good foods we eat are really good for us??
Also if some minerals or too much of something gives us something physical wrong, or even mentally wrong like schizophrenia, will people know what caused it? Would people assume it was from our food because we got too much of something good, or people assume it was genetic or something?
Also btw I’m not paranoid I’m curious.
Also it’s hard to explain what I’m thinking but it’s not exactly about a balanced diet, but more of what happens if we eat too much of a good thing. We don’t know every vitamin that exists in everything we eat unless we do intensive research on what we eat which is insane. But like if you eat too many eggs like 24 eggs in one week. Or like 30 tomatoes in 1 week, or 2 cans of hummus in 2 days. Will having too much of a certain mineral, will it affect us the same way it will affect us if we eat a supplement? Maybe that will clear it up more. And this is purely curiosity. I am so bored that I am just researching what interests me.

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