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HIV accuracy/transmission?

Well alright, might as well come clean, right?

I had anal sex with my buddy when I was 9, he was 8..this was in 1999. Stupid and retarded thing to do, I know. We were curious. We woke up to his parents watching porno for the very first time, so the next day, we decided to mock what they were doing in porn, because it was funny to us. Fact: he never had HIV to begin with, his parents were clean too. In my country, they get engaged people to be tested for HIV so they don’t give it to their kids if they want to have kids. So yes, I had unprotected sex then. What the hell did I know what being gay meant or HIV? they never taught me that in my canadian schools I attended.

And let me start off by saying that I didn’t really have insertive anal sex, since I was barely forcing my penis inside. 10 years later, now, 2009. I get this inflamed throat. It’s not sore since it doesn’t hurt, but it feels like my left tonsil is swollen, and it’s harder to swallow saliva. I also had a minor urine infection as well and very small pimple-like bump on my penis (uncircumsized). Does this mean I automatically have AIDS? NO.

However, I did continue to be “curious” from 2001-2003, still didn’t learn my lesson. So, I want to get the HIV test, but I’m nervous because of the current inflamed throat and minor urine infection. Trust me, no one wants to see the plus sign on the test. But do I have it? I mean every single kid is curious when they’re small, but do I have HIV?

The most shittiest thing about HIV is that you can not feel the symptoms for 10 years or more. Not everyone is like that, some get it earlier, I know, I read about HIV for over 3 hours each day, and I’m trying to balance out my options and guesses to odds. If it’s HIV, I know I can possibly live a full life till old age death by treatment and healthy active. If it’s confirmed AIDS, I can use drugs that can give me 5 years of life..or less, or more, depending on how well the drug responds to my immune system. So far, I’ve had a sore throat in 2007 for almost 3 weeks. I did also take the wrong medicine and it got worse when I took the right medicine too late, but I did get healed.

So I really do not know what to do. How many symptoms do I have to get at once? How bad are they? and what is the number 1 symptom that everyone gets with HIV/AIDS after 10 years? I regret even asking these questions to the world and telling you my story, but I need some comfort before getting the test at my walk-in clinic.

Please, save your breath when you wanna type about protected sex, or I shouldn’t have done those things. And also, is it possible to get HIV from someone with an open cut anywhere on the body, but the person does not have HIV at all? Forgot to mention, each sexual encounter I had between 2001-2003 was the same. Didn’t force myself to insert fully in, merely rubbed alongside (LOL, trust me, my confidence has gone to a bare minimum after this confession).


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