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Anyone know some answers to some what tough questions on bones?? it’s for homework help?

Okay so i was absent the day that my health teacher made my classmates fill out the study guide. the study guide is due TOMORROW and i don’t know any of the answers!! here are the questions:

1. Name the 4 types of joints and give an example of each.

2. Movement is made possible by three kinds of tissues. List them.

3. Name 7 diseases or disorder of the skeletal system.

4 List 4 life skills you can do to treat or prevent problems with your skeletal system.

Please don’t put answers like idk or you shouldn’t have been absent. just help me learn my lesson PLEASE!! thx :)

10 points really easy?

Anatomy & Physiology
Study Guide
Refer to your notes and study the information given for each of the following.

Functions of the skeletal system
Strongest Bone/Strongest Muscle
Location of: Bicep, Tricep, Deltoid, Hamstrings & Quadriceps
How do humans move?
Parts of the Central Nervous System & Peripheral Nervous System
Reflex vs. Reaction
Where does digestion begin?
Bile/Esophagus/Mucus Lining of the Stomach
Plasma/Platelets/Red Blood Cells/White Blood Cells
Arteries vs. Veins
Blood Pressure
Kidneys/Ureters/Bladder/Stretch Receptors
Male vs. Female Urethra
Chest Muscles & Diaphragm
What is the best pathway for breathing?
Glands/Hormones/Master Gland
Ovum/Fallopian Tubes/Uterine Lining

is not homewoork !

Do I Have To Know Every Skeletal Thing?

To start off, I’m in the 11th grade and taking an anatomy and physiology honors class. Right now, we are studying the skeletal system which is by far the longest and most detailed chapter I’ve ever done. I have a test coming up for the chapter and the class was given a study guide to complete. Now I can do the guide and study off of it since the test will most likely not go into major specifics about the skeletal system, but my question is, since I’m strongly considering getting into medical school, will I need to learn all the big and small details about the skeletal system(and the rest of the body as well)? I can understand having to know where all the bones are in a body, but actually having to memorize all the surface features of bones and what they articulate to and ETC. seems like a heck of a lot! I guess this question is aiming toward the people already in the medical field, but how much work am I looking at if I’m considering taking this as a career in my future?

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