Principles of Anatomy & Physiology

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Can Anyone Help Me With This Human Bio Exam Study Guide It Soo Complicated?

43.  What does viral DNA direct a cell to do?
44. Describe the difference between active immunity and passive immunity
_____ sponge-like organs located in the chest                                   a. epiglottis
_____ chamber where passages from the nose and                           b. trachea
                 mouth come together                                … c. bronchioles
_____ muscular organ between the pharynx and the trachea              d. bronchi
_____ elastic tissue that forms a flap over the top of                         e. pharynx
                  the larynx                                  … f.  alveoli
_____ main  passageway to the lungs                                   … g. larynx
_____ tubes that branch from the trachea                                 … h. lungs
_____ small tubes that branch from the bronchi
_____ tiny air sacs in the lings
47.According to the video series The Body Atlas (Breath of Life) why does cold weather cause a runny nose?
48.Describe how Boyle’s Law explains human breathing
49.Name two autoimmune diseases
50.Label the following microscopic slide of lung tissue under 40X power or so and than a draw what a diseased lung with either emphysema or lung cancer would look like. You must describe in words the difference between the two.
51. If you breathe through a straw into water what do you create and why?
 52. What is the Rh factor?
53. Why do some veins not have valves?
54. What is the name of the opening in the fetal heart and what purpose does it serve?
55. What are the blood vessels that feed the heart muscle tissue Oxygen & nutrients? What would happen if one of these vessels became blocked?
56. Matching Pick one from the letters and match it to one of the numbered definitions.

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