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What are the impacts that are caused by zero gravity?

I need/want to know some of the impacts that are caused by zero gravity on human body.
I especially need impacts on lung (respiratory system) and heart (circulatory system).
To be more detailed:
1) What happens to lung and heart when in space.
2) What is the reason that question 1 is happening
And any other impacts.

Thank you

How are viruses harvested from a tissue culture?

This was one of the question for my microbiology review and im having a hard time finding an answer, does this have anything specifically to do with the entry and exit portals such as the respiratory system, and it’s excrements such as mucous? How in general are virus samples collected from body or tissue samples?
Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Can you answer these questions about the human body and its systems for me?

How does the structure of the heart and lungs help blood flow through the body?

How does the structure of the respiratory system help us breathe?

How does the structure of voluntary muscles aid in movement?

What systems work together in order to aid in the protection and support of the human body?

How does the structure of the nervous system aid in the sending of signals throughout the body?

How does the structure of the digestive system aid in the movement of food through the body?

What is homeostasis and in what ways does the body maintain it?
i did my homework which was to come up with the questions. I was to exchange it with a student but i wasnt in school on that day. I just trying to get the answers because my teacher dosent extend deadlines even for being absent.

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