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Reproductive choice (please read the entire question )?

I asked 2 questions regarding reproductive choice and the overwhelming majority of responses were it is a personal choice *until one needs public money to feed/raise the child.*
Question 1:;_ylt=AsQb7ic0DsmtFwKEUebXPGjsy6IX?qid=20070421191448AAbPf9l
Question 2:;_ylt=AiobcwaaEp.piiATGUdfv5zsy6IX?qid=20070421193623AASrGXX

If people feel that reproductive choices are so personal, then why do they get in an uproar about abortion? Isn’t abortion simply one more reproductive choice? For all you logicians out there:
Reproductive choice = Personal decision
Abortion = Reproductive choice
Abortion = Personal choice

Before you answer, think about how many abortions are done to prevent a child from being born to a woman who does not have the financial resources to support it.
If it is a personal choice only until the need for government assistance, then are you saying a pregnant woman in poverty should be *required* to have an abortion to avoid having yet another person grow up on the welfare system? Please explain.

If you commented on childbearing in relation to the need for public assistance in my previous question, I want to hear from you on this.

A couple of facts to help you with your answer:
89% of abortions are done prior to the 12th week of gestation, when the pregnancy is in the EMBRYO stage, and clearly would not survive outside the womb.

48% of all abortions in America are given to women with incomes less than ,000.

Nidavellir, you make a good case refuting my thoughts point by point (and Robinson’s as well), but are you going to answer the question itself?
Wizzards, I respect your position, but there are sometime extenuating circumstances…like birth control failure, health risks to mother or baby…. rape, incest…
You are certainly entitled to your opinion and beliefs, but I expect the law to provide for people of differing beliefs.
Robinson – ok, if we need to define when life begins, then *who* makes that call? the mother? the legislature? the doctor consulted to perform the procedure?

Five true of false health questions, please help!!!?

1. HIV is a virus that infects cells in the reproductive system.
2. AIDS can be treated, but not cured.
3. Using condoms is the best prevention against spreading HIV.
4. Donating blood puts a person at risk for contracting HIV.
5. Being infected with AIDS does not mean the person has HIV.

thanks in advance for the help

im 12 in 4 days and have some questions?

i asked this question yesterday, but my password isn’t working, so…
1. i masturbate. does this hurt my reproductive system and should i stop doing this?
2. i have some belly fat. what do i do?
3. my sister got her period at 12 or 13. my nipples started hurting about a month ago, when i touch/bump them, but i haven’t have cramps RECENTLY. is my period coming soon?
4. i’ve heard of kegels or kegals (idk how to spell) before. what are they? i’ve only heard of them here on answers, but i dont know

Does anyone know the anawers to these psychology Questions?

1. How do the nervous system, endocrine system produce behavior and mental process? Evolutionary psychologists seek to learn how behaviors may be linked to evolutionary changes that conferred a survival of reproductive advantage on our ancestors.
2. What are the patterns that characterizer developmental change? What are the genetic and environmental influences underlying these patterns?
3. What factors influence our mental processes including sensation, perception, learning, memory and language?
4.*Psychodynamic focus: How can our understanding of the unconscious mind help us understand and treat mental disorders?
5.*Humanistic focus: What factors encourage high self –esteem and mental heath, and how can this knowledge be used in counseling and therapy?
6. What are the “laws” that associate our responses with stimulus conditions? And how can they be applied to improve the human condition?
7. How many fundamental traits are there? How can we use trait patterns to predict behavior?
8. Under what conditions is the social and cultural situation predictive to behavior? How are social influences different across culture?

I need help with a few Biology 12 questions about STD’s.?

1) Is it possible for an individual who has had sexual contact only once to pick up a STD? Explain.

2) Why does the medical profession state that in order to maintain a disease-free reproductive system, abstinence or a mutual monogamous relationship is required?

For #1, I know the answer is “yes”, but i don’t know why. Does it have to do something with the person’s sexual partner?

And for #2, I have no clue what the answer is.

Can anyone please help me with these questions? Thank you in advance!

Just a few Pregnancy Questions for yall experinced mothers or expecting mommys!!?

Ok so I have a few questions. I am 19 weeks preggo and I go for my anatomy scan on friday what all will the check? My nurse told me that I couldnt dye my hair but all of us ladies who live in the modern times dye our hair and my roots will be like a mile long if I dont. I keep my hair blonde but its naturally brown, I was thinking of going back brown to keep from bleaching it so much would that be ok? And last but not least when does the reproductive system start forming on a unborn baby? I had a 3D Ultrasound done at 16w2d because with my insurance the dr is only aloud to do two; one in the beginning and one at 20 weeks (19weeks in this case) and any others he has to have a reason for. So we wanted to have 2 opinions on the gender, well we were told a girl at 16w2d the infamous 3 white lines were most definitely there, is this accurate? Also around how far along do most first timers feel the baby kick? Thats all I have for now. Thank you!

Questions about Birth Control?

I’m 18, and I’m not sexually active (I’m a virgin), but I heard that birth control makes your period not as bad, and someone told me that some birth control even stops your period completely, which sounds amazing to me, of course. Does anyone know if this is true? From personal experience, I mean. I feel like I can’t really trust any of the websites online, and I want to hear from actual people. =/

My mom refuses to get me any because she thinks it’ll screw up my reproductive system or something. Does anyone know if THIS is true either? ><

3rd, so I’ll obviously have to like go to Planned Parenthood since my parents won’t get it for me, so how should I do that? Do I call or walk in or? And if I say that I want it just for my period and not for what it’s meant for (to “control” “birth”), will they not give it to me? x.x

Wah. Sorry I have so many questions. Any help/advice would be appreciated D:
Also, um, I know there’s a lot of different kinds, like pills, shot, patch. Is there a difference? Which one should I get?

some questions on zombies?

Ok, I know all info about zombies are predictions from the alive, but I have some questions that I hope you can answer according to common “zombies knowledge”:
1/Can zombies breed? Well, some ppl said the organs have stopped working when you gone zoms, but since they can still eat=> digestive system is still alive, so does the reproductive system? Besides, there are mutants like lickers, flocks of them, like a race, probably they must have some way to pass their “useful” mutations, huh?
2/Do zom eat one another? I watched Resident Evil (not all, but some of the series), seeing that there is a very small amount of humans left and as the world has been filled with zom, how can they possibly find enough fresh meats everyday?
3/Why are they rotting? If they are dead how can they control their bodies? Will zombies die on their own when all the flesh has fallen out?


The zombies from different movies, books & games are different, so some comparisons are highly appreciated

A few questions about ovulation?

MQ: When is an unfertilized egg released from the body (like which day of the cycle)? When it is released, is it visible ( I heard it is surrounded by a sticky, white substance… is this true?)

SQ: What are signs that tell when ovulation is occuring?

SQ: Which days of the cycle is a female most fertile?

SQ: If sperm enters the female reproductive system (say on the 19-20th day of the cycle), what are the chances of pregnancy?

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