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breakfast tip for muscle and strength building?

Hey everyone. I am about 174 cm and I weigh around 74 kg. I am trying to reach 78 kg with good muscle mass and high strength. I am already quite muscular but I seem to have some fat build up on the sides of my belly. I blame this on my breakfast, as I eat a lot of waffles, croissants and such pastry during bfast. I have an office job every weekday from 9-18. I wake up around 7.30 and I am not an early morning person, the earliest I can have food is in the office, at around 9.15. I play soccer, practice kickboxing with punch bag and also do strength training. My questions are:

1)whats the best exercise to melt down the fat in the sides of my belly?
2)What is a good breakfast diet for me during weekdays? Considering that I can only eat in the office (my digestive system doesn’t start earlier). I was thinking of a small sandwich with turkey salami and some feta cheese and tomatoes + soya protein shake (20g). Is that ok?

I think i need steroids. Im so tired and mad, and i want muscle! Should I? Im really confused.?

I think this story would help to understand where i am:

At track practice today, we were throwing the shot outside. All my friends were throwing 35ft and above, but im stuck at 20 feet. Now, this is my first year, and not as strong as the rest, since i only recently got into sport. Im 15, a freshman, and i have a body build of a muscular person, too bad it’s hardly muscle.

The second reason i want to take them is because of a kid named Justin. This guy is the strongest freshman we have, and he’s benching 210. He allways pushes me around and says i suck, making fun of me before, during, and after practice. He even took my spot during football, and made it known that i suck at sports all over the school. Today a kid made a joke saying that i was going to come back in a year after using steroids, and kick his ass. Usually i would just chuckle and fantasized about it, but i really took it to heart. Im tired of competing to be as strong as him, and im tired of being weak, and feeling intimidated every time i walk into the weight room with the other athletes.

During football, the choaches even made fun of me, and i’m sure that our track coach is allready cracking jokes. Yeah, i know steroids are illegal, and its the “Wussy way to get strong”, but im tired, so damn tired of being weak. I want to get big. Now.

Questions i want to know about steroids:

1. When should I take them? (10 min before practice, ect…)
2. What are the short term and long term effects?
3. Could i be allergic?
4. How long do i have to stay off for them to pass through my system, so i can pass a urine test? (we havent done any yet, and doubt we will)
5. How long before i start seeying results?
6. Addictive?
7. Any legal ways to get them/get working alternatives?


Keep in mind that i’ll probably use them about 1-3 times a week, for about 2 weeks. Maybe less.

Who can help with an out of control officer in Detroit who is Assaulting, raping, stealing from people?

Let me start in saying that I have the utmost respect for law enforcement officers, they have a tough job, and I personally have had a few run ins with the law, in my history I have never resisted an officer, or even disrespected them, as only a fool would do that. My grandfather developed the first “911″ type system in NY, my other grandfather was an FBI agent, I have a cousin who is on the Miami police force, I respect the job they do protecting us. I ran into a bad apple that needs some attention before he accidentally kills someone, if he has not already.

I recently had an experience where I was suffocated by a Detroit City Police officer named “Stone”. I have been researching this “Stone” character for 4 months and have heard everything from rape accusations, stealing money, doing “busts” that don’t get reported to the precinct (money and drugs disappearing), intimidation, blackmail, assault, and a few speculators who say that some have ceased to exist after crossing him.

Everyone I meet who has had direct contact is afraid of him has they are stuck here and cannot get away, he is in a sense acting as though he is living in the movie training day, as the lead character, not the good guy mind you.

My personal experience begins with being suffocated to the point of almost blackout, with my fiancée as a witness and 3 other women who are so afraid for their lives that they do whatever he wants.

As I have a properly licensed business I find myself having to go to meetings in Detroit regarding the sale of Crude Oil contracts among other internet type set ups, the officer “Stone” has informed me that if he sees me in his part of town I will get much worse than being strangled. My question is how much worse can it get?

I heard of a white boy (the officer appears to be of light complexion) that the officer beat until he could not see through his eyes. A woman was raped and she has been pressing charges but the precinct is not responding.

I have filed a complaint at his precinct and asked to press full assault charges, I also am getting limited response from the normal means.

If I were to go strangle someone, I would be arrested. If an officer of the law does it is he not subject to the same laws? Being completely compliant with my hands behind my head on the floor, being picked up by my neck (of which I have re-aggravated previous injuries) and being suffocated by crushing my windpipe between his two hands and asked to answer questions when I could not even breath, and when I could not respond loud enough being thrown by my neck across the room to a couch. Had I been less muscular he very well could have broken my neck.

He also threatened to shoot my fiancée, who is 18, under 5 foot tall and under 100 lbs. She is so shook up she wants us to leave Detroit and never come back, she is so shook up.

I want to stand up for those people that are stuck there, that cannot afford to press charges or stand up to him, because it is the right thing to do.

I of course am not perfect, and often find myself in the grey area of things. However, my choice of company should not jeopardize my life, especially not from an officer of the law. Someone needs to stand up to this joker, and it might as well be me. What is the worst he can do, kill me?

Actually, I have been told that is exactly what he will do. So my question is who do I report this to? I am not from the Detroit area, I have lived all over the USA, and never seen anything quite like this before.

Is there a news on your side thing, or some civil rights organization around here, perhaps there is some media outlet that would take on the story, or should I go to the FBI as he has stated that he just “hates white people.” He profiled me without asking any questions and for whatever reason decided he wanted to kill me.. Thank the lord he did not complete his attempt. I would almost say that the strangulation is attempted murder. I understand he has a tough job, but as far as I know, we have a justice system that has rules and guidelines, I think he thinks he is judge, jury and executioner.

Now the other thing is that seeing how he operates, I would think the prosecutors should re-look every single case he has filed and every testimony he has given. The days of “beating” a confession out of someone died when civil rights activists put an end to it. I am sure that if someone talked to the last 20 people he arrested, over half would have a story of assault, either sexual or physical.

Frankly, I think his method of trying to obtain information is a form of terrorism, to heck with water boarding, he goes right for the throat. I have a right not to be treated like that, so do you. It could have happened to you if you had considered doing some handyman type work that day in the wrong house.

What is the next step? How do I get the ball rolling on something like this and how do I protect myself in the process?

question about the Lord giving you a full length of days?

I had an anxiety disorder (actually 3 different disorders) at the same time and when I was 15 I had more white hair on my head than most 35 year old woman…

And then when I was 23 I started keeping the commandments in exodus 23 that say that God will give you a full length of days… (If you remove the amorites, perezzites, cannanites, hitites and hivites from your life and these symbolize 6 different types of destructive ideologies that people engage in)

Well a couple of months after that my mother was combing through my hair and she said that she noticed some of my white hair was starting to turn black…

And then now… one year later my mother comes through my hair again and says about 50% of all the white hair that I had on my head before is black now…

So I wander if God can make my white hair black (as JEsus said that you cannot make even one hair white or black)

Could God reverse the aging process in other ways? By giving me the body, the metabolism, the health, the skin elasticity, the muscular composition and the defense system I had when I was 20? Or even when I was 19 or 15? (since that was when I started to grow white hair?)

This is a sincere question…

Help with science worksheet, super easy?

Hi, just need help with a few simple science questions about the human reproductive systems.

True or false? If false, change the identified word [menstruation and fallopian tubes, respectively] to make it true.
1) The release of a mature egg into a fallopian tube is called menstruation.
2) Labor involves strong muscular contractions of the fallopian tubes.

Complete each statement
3) One important function of the ovaries is to produce _____ cells. (sex?)

And that’s all. Thanks in advance~

Evolution Vs Creation debate…?

After answering a question on this i thought i would see if i could encourage a healthy debate on this topic. I would like to get things going. As Ibelieve in Creation everything i say will be to back up Creation, however, I am not blind to arguments and would like to hear the views of all sensible people. Firstly,

Complex systems never evolve ‘bit by bit’

No mechanism has been put forward that even begins to explain how something like the human eye could have been produced by time, chance, natural selection and mutation.

Let’s consider what Darwin himself said: To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree. 3

A baby needs a number of very complex, interdependent systems to live and survive. These systems include the nervous, digestive, excretory, circulatory, skeletal, muscular and an immune system. For the baby to survive and live each system requires all the other systems to be functioning. Therefore all these systems must be in operation at the same time and could not have evolved slowly over millions of years.

There is no evidence (in the fossil record etc.) of the evolution of such systems. More than that, not even an imaginary process can be thought of to explain how something like the brain and the digestive system could have evolved bit by bit over time!

This is just one argument, I do not mean to say that this disproves evolution, but, for evolutionists to be any different from the supposedly blind, gullible creationists who believe whatever they are told, you must consider all the evidence.

Please Help! (Biology Question!) Please Take A Look! I’ve Been Working Hard!!!?

can you please help me answer these questions? thank you so much and happy late new-year!

so basically these are kind of defenitions to some words but i need to know what the words are! please help!

1). The Place Where Air Enters The Respiratory System, And Where The Vocal Cords Are Found?

2). Tiny Air Sacs In The Lungs That Surround A Network Of Capilleries Where Gas?

3). The Muscular Structure In The Back Of The Mouth; Connect The Mouth With The Rest Of The Digestive Tract?

4). The Tube That Carries Air From The Larynx To The Lungs, Also Called The Windpipe?

5). Repiratory Disease In Wich The Alveoli Lose Their Elasicity And Breathing Becomes Difficult?

6). A Respiratory Disease Cause By the Bronchi Becoming Swollen And Clogged With Mucus?

7). Takes Place?

8). One Of Many Air Tubes That Enter The Lungs And Branch Off For Gas Exchange?

9). Disease Caused By Small Groups Of Cancer In The Lungs… Usually Caused By Smoking

10). This Seperates The Chest Cavity From The Abdominal Cavity?

11). The Flap of Tissue That Prevents Food From Entering The Trachea?

Systems of the body biology homework question…?

I need to explain how these systems:
and Skeleton
interact with each other in the body. For example the digestive system interacts with the excretory system because once the food is digested it has to be removed…. Anyone help me?? Thanks!!

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