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Health True Or False Questions.?

Okay. So before you all say I am lazy and I can’t do my homework. These are questions I could not find in my text book. So I figured I would post this while I look online for some others.
State TRUE or FALSE. Correct the word in capital letters if the statement is false.
1. Communications in the nervous system is carried out by NEURONS.
2. The messages involved in automatic reflexes are coordinated by reflex centers in the BRAIN.
3. When light rays enter the eyes of NEAR-SIGHTED people, the rays fall short of the retina.
4. The COCHLEA in the inner ear transform sounds impressions into nerve impulses.
5. The adrenals and pituitary are examples of ENDOCRINE glands.
6. Glands secrete chemical messengers called HORMONES.

Christian Women, Would You …?

This question is directed toward Christian women. There is a growing body of science showing that industrial pollutants are causing numerous ill health effects among animals and humans. Among the cancers and birth defects they cause, some of the pollutants disrupt animal and human endocrine-systems which the science is showing to have two effects: a decrease in the number of males being born, and hermaphrodization. These are just some links on the science, there is much more…………………………
(page 10, no. 6; page 11, no. 7; page 12, no. 9; page 14, no. 12; cryptorchidism = undescended testes; hypospadias, see next link)…
In recent years, the existence of intersex people and medical conditions has become wider known in Western culture through books such as “Middlesex” by Jeffrey Eugenides, media news stories, and pop culture talk shows such as Oprah and Dr. Phil.
Given that a good man is hard to find, if you came across a man who was a good man — religious, moral, devout, really very serious about following the teachings of Jesus and doing what God wants, a faithful and true man — and you could see he would be a great husband, would treat you well and so forth, but he was affected by intersex medical conditions so that his ability to father children might be in question and he may have some feminine aspects to his body, would you still marry him?

Need Help With Human Physiology, Can Anyone Help?

I don’t have my book :( .. and I have a worksheet do tomorrow and i’m very desperate, any help will be appreciated. here is the question
Complete the following statements by choosing answers from the key choices. Record the Answers in the answer blank
Key Choices
A. Altering activity B. Anterior Pituitary C. Hormonal D. Humoral E. Hypothalamus F. Negative feedback G. Neural H. Neuroendocrine I. Receptors J. Releasing Hormones K. Steroid or amino acid-based L. Stimulating new or unusual activie M. Sugar or protein N. Target cell(s)
All cells do not respond to endocrine system stimulation. Only those that have the proper (1)_____ on their cell membranes are activated by the chemical messengers. Theses responsive cells are called the (2)_____ of th evarious endocrine glands. Hormones promote homeostasis by (3)______ of the body cells rather than by (4)________. Most homrones are (5)___________ molecules.

Biology – Secondary Syllabus. Need Ur Sincere Help…?

i m having exam 1 more week. while revising i have a lot of question.
1. i found out that the scientific investigation (hypothesis, conclusion n etc) differs from other book. different book have own sequence. which is the correct sequence?
2. what is endocrine system?
3. in the chapter, movement of substances across the plasma membrane, i learnt that facilitated diffusion does not require energy because the carrier protein moves molecules down to their concentration gradient. then , why carrier protein in animal cell need active transport to pump sodium ions out and potassium ions into the cell when the ions also going down concentration gradient ( potassium in cell is higher n sodium in cell is lower than outside)
4.we should eat more unsaturated fat or saturated fat. why? penguin feet is made from what type of fat? why is this type of fat important?
5. how do some bacteria that are found in deep sea volcanic vent survive at such high temperature?
thank you very much

Who Really Believes In Evolution?

I like science very much… I’ve been reading Darwin’s orgin of species and a book by a man named Gould called “Ever since Darwin” that expounds on the theories and findings on natural selection….
a quote caught my eye in the latter which I dug into the former and found, written by Darwin himself:
“To suppose that the eye [...] could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree.”
There are acceptable and logical theories nowadays dealing with this very same eye issue that creationists have been quoting for a hundred years but I still just find it impossible to beleive that a one celled organism, regardless of how many billions of years it took, turned into a man who had a beating heart and a penis (to fit in a vagina) and an endocrine system and emotions and feelings and morals, etc…

The Human Body Systems Working Together?

please help any links or your own knowledge i dont care i just need help!!!!!
how dose the endocrine system help the cardiovascular, digestive, immune, nervous, respiratory, and urinary
how dose the nervous system help the cardiovascular, digestive, immune, nervous, respiratory, and urinary?
in school i used a book to get most but i didnt have time to finish and she wouldnt let us take the book home the book was calledessentials of human anatomy and physiology

What Should I Do?

I asked a question that relates to this one so if you’ re not familure feel free to qluick on the link below. If not then… ok.;…
So today in science we were learning about the endocrine, and reproductive system, and there were these drawings in the textbook of these two people(male and female) and the glands that are apart of the endocrine system. The people in the book looked naked so my classmates were cracking up. My crush was staring me up and down, he even took his time staring at my boobs(I have very LARGE boobs, I even put my teachers to shame.) after the class calmed down my crush sent me a text saying that he would show me his goods if I should him mine. We’re the same age and all but I’m kind of uncomfutable about this. Should I be worried? What should I do? I really don’t want to have telling my mom as a option.

How Can I Know If The Kids Will Understand My Essay?

How can i know if the kids will understand my essay? I have to make a small book about endocrine system so that kids can understand but i have no idea how to start. Endocrine system is much more complicated to begin with. Any idea, suggestion would be great. BTW i need to make 12 page book explaining the endocrine system and include picture on each page. Any kids resources would be great. Thanks in advance

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