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Can You Run A Triathlon 1 Week After They Take Off Your Cast?

4 weeks ago I fell and I broke my wrist (displaced distal radius – Colles fracture) when I was training for the bycicle leg of an olympic distance triathlon. The actual race will take place 6 days after they take off my cast. Despite the cast on my arm, I’ve been able to run and ride a stationary bike, so I kept my cardivascular system in good shape. The problem is that I haven’t been able to swim and won’t be until the cast is off (a total of 6 weeks without swimming). Is it unrealistic to think that I will be able to swim 1 mile 1 week after the cast is off? How about riding the bycicle. Can I ride a real road bycicle 1 week after the cast is off? Will I need a wrist splint? where do i get one?

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