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What’s The Difference Between The Two Human Anatomy & Physiology 8th Edition Books By Marieb & Hoehn?

There’s one with a blue cover with a swimmer on it. There’s also one with a brown and white cover with a one footed runner on it. They’re both 8th edition, they both come with the atlas, they both come with the CD. I ordered the one with the blue cover and received the one with the brown cover and now I’m confused…. I’m trying to look it up online, but haven’t found a difference.

Help With Anatomy And Physiology Question Pleaseeee?

We have studied three systems involved in the elimination of waste from the body. Explain the systems using the following questions to form your answer. You should be able to answer this in a well-formed paragraph of about eight sentences.
What waste products have to be removed from our bodies?
Which system is specialized for each type?
What specific structures are important for the elimination of these wastes?
How does the body regulate these systems?

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