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We are bringing home our little girl, I need your help!?

Well first off, I am trying to go very fast with asking this question, because we do not have much time to just sit around. So Here is a run down of what I am talking about:
We got a call 5 nights ago, asking if we were willing to foster a 8 yr. old girl. We were shocked when they told us her situation + heartbroken. She has been in and out of the foster care system 7 times since she was 3. She was taken away from her mom, when CPS found out that she was being abused by her mother. Since than she has been in 7 different homes, with only 1 to last more than 1 year. They called us, not just because we were interested in fostering, but that we also have adopted. They told us that there is no pressure on us, that if we can’t take care of her that they will find a good home for her. But I don’t know if this little girl can take any more moving around from house to house. Another big thing is that we already have 7 kids, 12, 8, 8, 5, 4, 3, & 4 mon. 2 of which we have adopted. I have 1 step-son, and my husband has 2 step-kids in our family. So yes, we are a blended family?
So, we decided 2 days ago, that we take on this responsiblity to make sure this little girl is in a loving stable home! But now comes the hard part. She’s coming on Monday! Which is very exciting, but we are very nervous. We met her on Thursday, and she was very quiet. She said maybe 4 words at the most. I mean, I can understand completely that she has been through a lot, and I didn’t expect her to say much. I jost hope she will fit in with the family! So to my question, what are some ideas to get her involved with the family.

And I do know that we will have to give her time to her self, to adjust & have time for herself to bring it all in. Going into such a big family might frighten her, but I’m praying to God that she will adjust as fast as possible and that she will be comfortable…..Prayers are welcome!

HIV accuracy/transmission?

Well alright, might as well come clean, right?

I had anal sex with my buddy when I was 9, he was 8..this was in 1999. Stupid and retarded thing to do, I know. We were curious. We woke up to his parents watching porno for the very first time, so the next day, we decided to mock what they were doing in porn, because it was funny to us. Fact: he never had HIV to begin with, his parents were clean too. In my country, they get engaged people to be tested for HIV so they don’t give it to their kids if they want to have kids. So yes, I had unprotected sex then. What the hell did I know what being gay meant or HIV? they never taught me that in my canadian schools I attended.

And let me start off by saying that I didn’t really have insertive anal sex, since I was barely forcing my penis inside. 10 years later, now, 2009. I get this inflamed throat. It’s not sore since it doesn’t hurt, but it feels like my left tonsil is swollen, and it’s harder to swallow saliva. I also had a minor urine infection as well and very small pimple-like bump on my penis (uncircumsized). Does this mean I automatically have AIDS? NO.

However, I did continue to be “curious” from 2001-2003, still didn’t learn my lesson. So, I want to get the HIV test, but I’m nervous because of the current inflamed throat and minor urine infection. Trust me, no one wants to see the plus sign on the test. But do I have it? I mean every single kid is curious when they’re small, but do I have HIV?

The most shittiest thing about HIV is that you can not feel the symptoms for 10 years or more. Not everyone is like that, some get it earlier, I know, I read about HIV for over 3 hours each day, and I’m trying to balance out my options and guesses to odds. If it’s HIV, I know I can possibly live a full life till old age death by treatment and healthy active. If it’s confirmed AIDS, I can use drugs that can give me 5 years of life..or less, or more, depending on how well the drug responds to my immune system. So far, I’ve had a sore throat in 2007 for almost 3 weeks. I did also take the wrong medicine and it got worse when I took the right medicine too late, but I did get healed.

So I really do not know what to do. How many symptoms do I have to get at once? How bad are they? and what is the number 1 symptom that everyone gets with HIV/AIDS after 10 years? I regret even asking these questions to the world and telling you my story, but I need some comfort before getting the test at my walk-in clinic.

Please, save your breath when you wanna type about protected sex, or I shouldn’t have done those things. And also, is it possible to get HIV from someone with an open cut anywhere on the body, but the person does not have HIV at all? Forgot to mention, each sexual encounter I had between 2001-2003 was the same. Didn’t force myself to insert fully in, merely rubbed alongside (LOL, trust me, my confidence has gone to a bare minimum after this confession).


Why do I get c’s all the times? Do I have a learning disability?

No matter how hard I tried, it seems like I always get C’s!
I just had a calculus test, and I studied and did all the sample finals given to us, I understood them, but the test was HARD!!!, the questions were really difficult… the samples were much easier than my exam.. It’s not fair.. I had no problems with the samples.. but then with the finals, the examples taken were so complex.. which brought to my attention wondering if I have a learning disability? and this paranoia.. has led me to be more nervous during test…

My current GPA is 2.2 … I already have 4 C’s and Im planning to go into Biology.. what can I do
to reach to a 3.0 GPA!! Please help

Also, because our university didn’t have any room left and our system suck. .. I had to share a desk with another didn’t stress me, but I wasn’t very comfortable.. I had to erase really gently because the table was so weak, it trembled.. and I didn’t want to disturb the person sat next to me..

Do you think I should make a complaint about this? Its really not fair, the room next to us (math class aswell) had separate desks, and we didn’t…

Struggling in math class? studying tips please?

So starting off I want to say I was never a really “academic” or “hard working” student mainly because I’m lazy and I love procrastinating – I admit it and I’m trying to work on it. Every year my average is around 70-80% (I get mainly B’s and C+ and usually about 2 A’s per report card) This year since I’m in the 10th grade, I told myself I really need to work harder because I know grades are starting to really count for college and university, and my parents even bribed to get me a new cellphone if I get straight A’s in this current semester of classes (my high school is on semester system) Right now I’m taking social studies, math, science, and textiles.

So finally my problem is that Im doing really really really bad in math…this semester is almost halfway done and Im getting 59% as of right now. Last year in grade 9 I got a final mark of 76% without that much effort which was pretty good in my opinion. But this year is stressing me out ALOT… I pay attention in class and I take notes and do my homework all the time but I still do bad, whenever we have quizzes or tests I get nervous and choke so always end up failing… and today we had a math quiz which I thought I was going to do well in but I ended up with 2.5/10! While most people got like 7.5/10 or higher… Im also worried because since I’m basically failing all the units my math class learned so far, Im scared that I will do really bad in the math provincial exam (its like SAT’s – I live in Canada) which counts 20% for my final grade.

I know a part of this problem is probably because I always either procrastinate and end up studying last minute or I have to study and do work for a different class which makes me tired and by the time I get to math I’m too exhausted to concentrate on studying, and another is whenever I’m writing a math test or quiz, I feel intimidated by the questions and start over-thinking and end up spending 10 minutes on one question T.T. So do you have any tips for me? And do you think it’s still possible for me to raise up to at least an 80%?

sorry if it’s too long or if i dont make sense, im just so disappointed in myself right now

thanks for reading

Can someone help me with my biology homework?

Could you please help me answer these fill in the blanks and questions?

1) The epidermal cells that contain chloroplasts are called _______
2) The loss of water vapour in plants is called ____
3)In a lab, a student is presented with a flowering plant that has a fibrous root and shows parallel leaf venation. This plant belongs to the class of ____
4) The splitting in two of a bacterial cell is called ___
5) The ____ on the evolutionary tree represent the common ancestors.
6) ____________ characters are characteristics or features in different organisms that are similar because they were inherited from a common ancestor.

7) Name 2 method used to classify bacteria:
8) which of the following is not an environment in which you would find archaebacteria a) salt marshes b) hot springs c) active volcanoes d)ocean vents e) swamps

9) Fungi are vital to other organisms and to the proper functioning of ecosystems through their role as which of the following? a)Producers b)carnivores c) herbivores d) decomposers e) consumers

10) what major system is missing in members of the phylum porifera? a)circulatory b)digestive c)nervous d)respiratory e) reproductive

11) which of the following would not be considered a characteristic that would allow a mammal to live in a aquatic habitat? a) flippers b) well-developed tail c) blowhole for breathing d) streamlined body e) swim bladder

12) a farmer wishes to keep the fruits on the trees for as long as possible. which plant hormone should he remove from the plant? a) abscisic acid b)ethylene c) cytokinin d)gibbrtrllin e)Auxin.

Sorry if it seems a lot, but out of all the 50 questions I did, these are the only ones left and some I kinda know but aren’t too sure. please help & thanks!
a few more questions!

- Plants change their activity according to a 24-hour cycle corresponding to alterations of light and darkness. such responses are due to: a) light b) dark c) photoperiod d) plant hormones e) temperature

___________ is the process by which carbohydrates are moved throughout the plant through the phloem tissue

Which plants are mobile?

I was reading some text while creating a science note and the text was comparing animals and plants and it stated that animals can move due to nervous, muscular, and skeletal system, then the text continued that “most plants are immobile due to their root system which anchor them to the medium.” Which got me to question well if “most are immobile” which plants are mobile and able to move.

Biology question( clams)?

why would the number and size of growth lines vary among clams?

34. the nervous system of a clam is very simple compared to that of other mollusks. How can a clam function with such a simple nervous system?

35. Clams reproduce by releasing eggs and sperm into water. would you expect clams to release large or small number of eggs and sperm? explain your answer.

36 is about squids….

Name two traits that squids share with other mollusks

please help!

How do we know that the good foods that we are eating is really good for us?

I was curious and did some research. For example zinc and copper. You can’t have too much zinc because it will cause copper deficiency. And than you are trying to figure out what foods with good amounts of copper should I take to balance it with the zinc? Than you read what could happen if you don’t have enough and than you read if you have TOO much. And both ways are really scary. Like for copper deficiency it can affect you nervous system. Could take months to fix I believe. Than too much can give other major problems like mental problems, or I heard even a coma or death. Than let’s say a normal person eats regular food, we don’t know EVERYTHING about our diet. We assume certain foods are good for us, and we stay away from the bad foods like fast food, fries, cake, etc…But what if the good foods we are eating are also bad for us? Let’s say you love humus, humus has some copper in it, but I think if you eat too much everyday, won’t you get copper poisoning? And you can get copper from liver, oysters, chocolate, nuts, sunflower seeds, and other foods I’m sure people really enjoy. And not just copper or zinc, but other minerals or nutrients. So if we have a favorite food and we eat too much of it, or we don’t know what’s inside certain foods. Is it safe? I mean I eat a lot of chocolate, and my parents eat lots of nuts, and when I was little a lot of sunflower seeds. I know its always in moderation, but we can’t know everything about the food we eat. Not every1 is a dietitian and know everything about how minerals, vitamins and the body works. I don’t even know if my question makes sense. But how do we know if the good foods we eat are really good for us??
Also if some minerals or too much of something gives us something physical wrong, or even mentally wrong like schizophrenia, will people know what caused it? Would people assume it was from our food because we got too much of something good, or people assume it was genetic or something?
Also btw I’m not paranoid I’m curious.
Also it’s hard to explain what I’m thinking but it’s not exactly about a balanced diet, but more of what happens if we eat too much of a good thing. We don’t know every vitamin that exists in everything we eat unless we do intensive research on what we eat which is insane. But like if you eat too many eggs like 24 eggs in one week. Or like 30 tomatoes in 1 week, or 2 cans of hummus in 2 days. Will having too much of a certain mineral, will it affect us the same way it will affect us if we eat a supplement? Maybe that will clear it up more. And this is purely curiosity. I am so bored that I am just researching what interests me.

How many protests have you heard of about animal rights activists protesting how lobsters are cooked alive?

When pest control companies use chemicals that attack the nervous system ( trust me I don’t want the pests ) do the animal rights people protest shows like the Verminaters or do they only protest the “cute” animals? On the show Fear Factor contestants were expected to eat live insects ( or animal organs) as part of their challenge. I guess my question is do some animals have more rights than others?
My point is that both the baby seal and the lobster suffer and yet that seemstobe .I just think that the protesters focus on the group baby seals because of their visual appeal.Do you think these same protesters would be lining up for the adult seal if it were being clubbed to death .To me it appears that they are very selective in their “captured on film ” protests. Some people claim that the lobster can’t feel anything, is that fact or something people say to ease their conscience.I am not a vegetarian so I can’t claim an animal has never suffered for me to have a meal.I can’t dictate wha another person can eat. I don’t have all the answers I was just curious as to why the protesters have not mounted campaigns against killing of creatures who aren’t as visually appealing.

Anaesthesia awareness – why use a paralytic?

According to a 2004 US study, approximately 1-2 in a thousand patients who undergo general anaesthesia in the US (this amounts to 20,000-40,000 people, out of a total of 20 million who undergo GA each year) will experience “anaesthesia awareness”; becoming conscious during surgery, and in 42% of cases feeling the pain of the procedure.

Because a paralytic is administered routinely as a part of GA, patients who experience anaesthesia awareness are unable to notify the surgeons of their pain, and are essentially tortured (albeit accidentally) during the operation.

My question is this – why is a paralytic so necessary that this risk would be taken for it’s sake? The only thing I can think of is to suppress reflex movements that could interfere with the procedure, but it seems that there should be some way to solve this problem without complete paralysis of the peripheral nervous system. Perhaps a spinal nerve block near the cervical vertibrae in addition to the paralytic? You wouldn’t be able to move, but you couldn’t feel pain below the neck either.

Insight anyone?

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